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Full Contact




Roller Derby


In the a competitive sport like roller derby, it is important to have room for advancement. That is why the Grand Raggidy Roller girls use a tiered team system for skaters to learn and advance within the league.

Everyone starts out on the same playing field by going through basic training. This is where you learn basic skating skills (if you don't have them) and build your foundation of derby knowledge.

Once a skater "graduates" from Basic Training, she can be placed on The Rapid Assault team. This is a team designed to cultivate and refine the skills you have just acquired. Skaters get to bout against other teams that are on a similar playing field and truly focus on shoring up their core skills.

As skaters sharpen their skills and gain experience they will have the opportunity to advance to Grand Raggidy's second tier team the Attack! or if they are rock stars they might even end up on the Grand Raggidy All Stars who represent the league in sanctioned WFTDA games and tournaments.  

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